Aug 14

There will be a ground school session on Tuesday evening. Please RSVP if you plan on attending

There will be a ground school session on Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Please RSVP if you plan on attending

Aug 07


It’s been a great couple of weeks for our Youth Program.  Just prior to everyone going to Air Venture Steven Agudelo soloed.  Steven has been training with John Post and will be continuing under John.  This past Saturday we celebrated another solo when Alex Kirkland soloed during the pancake breakfast.  Alex had just 5 hours of official logged time in his log book.


Both will now move on to practicing their skills while solo and working on their cross country work as they prepare for their check rides.  The chapter is proud of these two young men and for being able to provide this opportunity.


Aug 07

It Sure Looks Like an Airplane

Lots of progress was made Saturday on the Ultra-Lite Piet and the full size Piet.  The second wing was mounted on the Ultra-Lite Piet and it very much is beginning to look like an airplane.  We hope to start soon on the BD-6.  We had 14 youth in attendance!!


Jul 19

The Piet Is Coming Right Along

The summer time has allowed sessions to be added on some Tuesdays and the progress on the Ultra-Lite Pietenpol has been very good.  A lot of the control system has been manufactured and work on the wing struts is underway.  Ribs for the full size Pietenpol are under construction as well.

Jul 10

Build Sessions and Ground School

Build Sessions and a Ground School session have been added on the Build Session Schedule page.  The build sessions will be on Tuesday, July 11th and Saturday, July 15th and the ground school session is on Wednesday, July 12th. Please go to the Build Session Schedule page and click on the RSVP Now! button for the each schedule and answer Yes or No so we can plan accordingly.

Jun 05

The Youth Met Albert McMahon!!

Saturday was the monthly pancake breakfast for the chapter.  The youth came down to the chapter hangar at 10:00 am to listen to Colonel Brent Bracewell talk about the 8th Air Force and the museum and tells us about Albert McMahon. Albert was a tail gunner and ball turret gunner in WWII aboard a B-17 with the 306th Bomb Group.  Afterwards Albert answered questions about his experiences.  Once the program completed Albert came down to Hangar 6 to see the youth in action.  We also took a picture of the youth on hand and mentors with the BD-6 fuselage to send off to the Bede Family Foundation. It was a great day!!


Here are some pictures from the 5-27 Session:


Pictures from the Tuesday 5-30 Session:



May 16

Build Session 5-13-2017

We had 12 builders and four mentors in attendance Saturday as work continued on the Ultra-Lite Pietpenpol, the full size Pietenpol and the Corvair engine.

One group worked with Joel on the Ultr-Lite Piet as work continued on the landing gear struts and then there was a discussion concerning the how the aileron cabling will be done.  We are currently seeking wheels and tires to put on the plane and materials have been ordered to build the tail skid.  Good progress is being made all around.

Hugh Colton and Art Farmer worked with a group building wing ribs for the full size Pietenpol.  Lots of gussets were cut out and more plywood has been ordered to make even more gussets

The third group worked on inventorying the Corvair engine and determining what parts we have and what parts we will need to turn this engine into a cutaway learning tool.

We welcomed Ezekiel Lewis II to the group Saturday!!


May 08

Breakfast and Building

It was a pancake breakfast weekend for the chapter and nine of our youth turned out for the build session.  Work continued on the Ultra-Light Pietenpol and new wing ribs began to take shape for the full size Pietenpol. Our builders this week were Paul, Maddie, Trisha, Alex, Steven, Caleb, Hazim, Biya and Curtis.  Thanks to Joel, Hugh, Art, Duane and Dennis for their mentoring.




May 03

A Rough Weekend

Saturday was a busy weekend for our youth.  We not only has a build session, but had youth volunteer over the weekend for the chapter’s Ford Tri-Motor visit.  Joining us to volunteer were Paul Kyser, Caleb Traylor, Maddie Hale, Anthony Baker, Nicholas Sooknanan, Alex Kirkland, Jeremy Welch, Steven Agudelo, Biya Haile and Trisha Warren.  Thank you all for your efforts!

Many of you were at the build session and had a chance to continue the work on the Pietenpol and the Corvair engine.  The photos belwo sur show the difference in weather we experienced over the weekend.

Apr 25

All About Kids Expo – Wrap-up

We had a great time at the All About Kids Expo.  Approximately 2000 folks attended and we got to talk with many of them at our Summer Camp Booth or our Youth Programs booth.  We anticipate seeing some new Young Eagle attendees and we may snag a couple of Summer Camp attendees from the expo.

My thanks to Chuck & Gay Roberts, Louis Pucci, Kathi Parks, Brian Michael, Aimee Walthall, Joel Levine, Duane Huff, Maddie Hale, Alan Sam and Paul Kyser for coming out and helping.

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