Feb 20

BD-6 Progress is Good

The BD-6 has been moving along quite well.  The right side of the cabin is nearing completion and we will be able to tie the right and left side together soon.  We’ve begun construction on the left side of the aft fuselage.  Many thanks to Andrew Robinson and Jack McKnight for their time on this project.

Feb 19

Full Size Piet Moving Along

The  full size Piet has morphed into sub-projects at this point. Work continues on the fuselage, additional work is being done on the wing ribs and the Continental A65 that is being targeted as the engine for this bird has been included.  Mentors Frank Lipinski, Hugh Colton, Art Farmer and Steven Agudelo have been guiding this along.

Feb 19

Ultra-Lite Pietenpol Progress

Things have been moving along with this project in February.  To the naked eye, it may not look like but the project is at a point where you have to look hard to see the progress.  The work has been focused on the control cable system for the ailerons.

Jan 31

Full Scale Piet Moving Along

This week we were able to break up the Full Scale Piet team into three. One group worked on the fuselage, one worked on wing ribs and the third group worked on the Continental engine.  These young folks are getting a chance to work on many varied pieces of one airplane.  Thanks to Steven Agudelo, Hugh Colton and Frank Lipinski it was possible to do this.

Jan 31

Maths Is Hard

This past Saturday saw the Ultra-Piet group having to deal with some math. At one point Nicolas Hammond had the youth on the floor with string and a protractor working out problems. One of the best things about he program is the opportunity the youth get to not only learn, but to put to practical use something they’ve learned in the classroom. Remember those days in school when you thought you would never use something you were being taught.  Good progress continues on the Ultra-Piet as work continues on the aileron control cables.


Jan 30

BD-6 Update for January

We started this project back in August and for the longest time it seemed like nothing was getting accomplished.  We spent a lot of Saturdays measuring, cutting and cleaning up parts that would become part of the cabin.  Once we had the parts cut and fabricated we started to work on putting things together.  We’ve now nearly completed the left side of the cabin and have made great progress on the right hand side and will soon be able to mate them up and start adding the aft fuselage pieces. This past Saturday we began to fabricate the aft fuselage pieces.  We all look forward to this beginning to look more like an airplane.

Jan 19

Projects Rolling Along Despite the Weather

The weather has not been kind to us here in the Southeast. In spite of that we have been working each Saturday and making progress on the youth build projects. Control cables are being installed on the Ultra-Piet, the fuselage is taking shape on the full scale Piet and the left hand side of the cabin is nearly complete on the BD-6 and construction has begun on the right side. Pictures below of recent work.

Dec 27

Ultra-Lite Pietenpol Progress

Work has continued on the Ultra-Piet.  Control cables for the ailerons are being fabricated and installed.  It has been fun to watch this project continue to progress and move toward the covering stage.  Many thanks to Joel Levine for leading this project.




Dec 27

BD-6 Cabin Work

It seems like we’ve been working forever on this one cabin side.  A lot of progress has been made and we will soon begin working on the right side. The right side should go much faster with all we’ve learned along the way with the left side. Thanks to Andrew Robinson for his work on this project.




Dec 27

Corvair Engine Takes Shape

Work on the Corvair engine resumed.  The engine group worked on installing additional cylinders and pistons.  The purpose of building this engine is to give our youth an understanding of opposed cylinder air cooled engines. This will be a cutaway model to be used as a training tool.  We hope to work on an engine that will be used in one of our project in the future.  Thanks to Billy Stewart for leading this project.

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