Nov 15

BD-6 Progress


We’ve made pretty good progress on the BD-6.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but things are beginning to come together.  We are currently laying out the left hand side of the cabin and will soon start fastening things together.

Oct 30

Youth Program Wraps Up October

October was a busy month for our youth.  We started the month by supporting the EAA’s B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” at the Dekalb-Peachtree Airport.  That Saturday turned out to be along day for those that worked with us.  The rest of the month they worked on the projects.  The Ultra-Lite Pietenpol is really taking shape, the full size Pietenpol is still in the early stages and the BD-6 is getting closer to having pieces fastened together.  Below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Ultra-Lite Pietenpol Pictures


Full Size Pietenpol Pictures


BD-6 Pictures

Oct 17

Four Projects in Action!!

After a break last week to take care of the B-17 at KPDK for Atlanta Warbirds Weekend we were back at it this week.  Fifteen youth joined eight mentos to work on all four of our current projects. Those projects are the Ultra-Lite Pietenpol, Full Sized Pietenpol, BD-6 and the Corvair engine.  It is exciting to see all of the activity going on in the Bishop Education Hangar!!

Oct 01

The End of September

It’s hard to believe we’re through three quarters of the year already.  Good progress was made on all four projects that the youth worked on Saturday.  The Ultra-Lite Pietenpol group was finishing up the wing struts and making sure everything is lined up correctly. They will soon start on the control system for the ailerons.  The full size Pietenpol group pulled down the fuselage pieces and began looking at what will be required to begin work.  Some sanding was done on the wing ribs to begin the finishing process on the ribs.  The Corvair engine group worked on checking bearing clearance and and worked on reassembly. This engine will be assembled and turned into a cutaway learning tool.  Billy Stewart is teaching them correct procedures though.  The BD-6 group worked on notching the cabin rails at the front and completing the drilling of the cross pieces at the front and rear of the cabin and getting them Clecoed into place.  Next was squaring up the cabin frame and beginning to add in the two front corner posts.  A drill template was made so they could transfer drill locations to the fram rails at the front.  The corner posts were put into place, drilled and Clecoed.  Next step will be to drill the four engine mount fixtures and press the bushings into place for the engine mounts bolts.  Once the bushings are in place they can get the lower engine mount fixtures placed and drilled to mount to the cabin rails.


We’ll be taking a weekend off from building. The EAA B-17 will be in town Thursday, Oct 5th through Sunday Oct 8th. Youth will be volunteering to help at KPDK next weekend.


Sep 24

BD-6 – We Put Pieces Together

The crew has spent e few weeks fabricating parts for the left hand side of the cabin.  This week we managed to get a copy of “Build Your Own Airplane”, Jim Bede’s book on building the BD-4. Since the BD-6 is the baby brother of the BD-4 the book becomes a great guide to the build process.  The crew spent Saturday fabricating the front and rear cross pieces for the bottom of the cabin and checking that the two side channels matched each other.  With that completed they were able to place the gussets for the four corners, drill and Cleco the gussets to the channels.

Next will be to square the channels and drill the cross pieces and Cleco them into place with the channels squared up.  This will give us a good base to work with and to get the four corner posts in place.  The crew this week consisted of David, Moe, Kyle and Aldin,  Moe brought along a friend that spent some time with us.  Thanks to Louis Pucci for his help this week. Looking forward to more progress next week.


Sep 17

More Progress Made

We had a great group of youth on hand Saturday to continue work on three of our four projects.  Good progress was made on the wing ribs for the full size Pietenpol.  A lot of sanding will be taking place as we begin to clean up the wing ribs  Steven Agudelo took the lead this week on this project in Hugh Colton’s absence.and was assisted by Art Farmer.

Worn on the Ultra-Lite Pietenpol continued with the wing struts being the main target on that project.  Joel Levine and Keith Oliver were leading the group.

Andrew Robinson led the way for the BD-6 group Saturday as we focused on finishing the fabrication of parts for the left hand side of the cabin.  We will be laying it out to see how everything fits over the next couple of weeks as we get closer to putting some pieces together.  Once we’re comfortable with how everything fits we’ll work on the right hand pieces.

Several of our youth assisted with ground crew duties for the Young Eagle rally,



Sep 11

BD-6 Progress – 9/9/2017

It was a great day for progress on the BD-6.  We continued to fabricate parts and began to place parts together to see how they were going to fit.  The team this week included Jeremy Welch, Alex Straka, David Anders, Paul Kyser, Nicholus Sooknanan and Sanjida “Moe” Pervin.  We can see that it will begin to look like a part of an airplane in a couple of weeks. Our focus has been the left side of the cabin.  Once we finish all the parts for the left side we will work on the right side.


Sep 03

BD-6 Progress

Progress continues to be made on the BD-6 project.  We are still in the cutting parts phase, but expect to be test fitting pieces soon as we move forward with this project.  Thanks to Andrew Robinson for his leadership on this project.


Sep 01

Progress All Around

During the month of August we saw progress made on all three aircraft under construction by the youth.  The Ultra-Lite Pietenpol is really taking shape, the full size version has wing ribs almost ready for sanding and the BD-6 is having pieces being cut and cleaned up and should begin to take shape soon.

Sep 01

September Ground School

The ground school session for September has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th at the EAA Hangar beginning at 7:00pm.  It is posted on the Build Session Schedule so you can RSVP.

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